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Shaping the Narrative

Adept at determining the actual needs of all the stakeholders from the start accelerates the path to project approvals with fewer concessions. Built on a foundation of trust and solid values, we are experienced in building relationships and finding common ground with the public, municipalities, their staffs, and city leadership. This is critical to minimize procedural delays and to capitalize on the favorable market conditions.

Real Estate, Feasibility and Site Planning

Creating Productive – Appealing Spaces

Every project requires vision, artistry, and careful planning. Great site planning paves the way toward market acceptance. Engaging the development design team creates sustainable, creative, and pleasing spaces. By carefully planning infrastructure design and construction costs can be controlled, product livability increased. Teamwork supported by a continuous development theme and effective communication make the collaborative process smooth, sequential, and productive.


Clear Communication – Transparency

The open team concept we have with our partners and lenders is crucial to a well-run project. We know that our partners expect transparency and reporting that reflects reality- both prospectively and retrospectively. Preparation of monthly financials, loan draws, tax preparation review and face-to-face quarterly meetings assure clear communication so proper strategies can be agreed upon and implemented.

We value the input of our partners and lenders, knowing that listening closely and acting quickly will build lasting trust.

Construction and Risk Management

Leadership Produces Excellence

From value engineering studies with the project architect, structural engineer, subcontractors, and marketing team, to final customer sign off on punch lists, total quality management is our standard.

Each team member is responsible to meet or exceed customer expectations. This includes management, field workforce, material suppliers, subcontractors, and our sales force.

Alongside this, competitive bidding and subcontractor qualification, careful and complete descriptions of the scope of work in construction contracts, strict scheduling, an accounting department experienced in construction to coordinate draws, collect lien waivers, insurance certificates, etc., and prompt attention to callbacks and customer relations in the field, all make for a project that flows as smoothly as is possible.

Brand Development – Marketing

Sales + Marketing = Growth

A successful sales program begins with careful market research to assure the product is right for the property. The product design is born from what is learned in this process.

We follow this principal emphatically, not allowing our own biases to interfere. Our approach combines marketing, design and architecture expertise to fashion an identity that works across all messaging platforms – including the built environment.

We work from one principle – Success is dependent upon a team effort - from sales force and field crew to our office staff and vendors working together toward the common goal.

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