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Residential For Sale

In the realm of residential properties for sale, McKellar McGowan sets a new standard of elevated living. Each unit is thoughtfully planned to create an optimal balance of comfort, style, and functionality, ensuring an exceptional living experience for residents.

Discover the epitome of modern living with our impressive selection of Single and Multi-Family Residential properties, where luxury, convenience, and a vibrant lifestyle converge.

Residential For Rent

Modern living for rent now encompasses a wide range of living experiences. McKellar McGowan has adapted their home building skills to develop Multi-Family and Single Family homes for rent. Spanning all income levels, from affordable housing to luxury resort-style single family homes for rent.

By blending designer style units, comfort, and community amenities our rental units provide an unmatched living experience.

With a focus on fostering a sense of community highlighted by an engaging environment where neighbors become friends and all residents enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.


McKellar McGowan has a proven track record in re-imagining and re-creating spaces to provide value by transforming raw land into vibrant, well-planned development opportunities. The results of these efforts deliver exceptional developments that shape communities and create lasting impact.

With a keen understanding of evolving political and public landscapes, we leverage our expertise to unlock the true potential of each project, creating thoughtfully designed spaces that enhance livability, connectivity, and quality of life for residents and future generations.

Commercial / R&D

McKellar McGowan takes immense pride in our transformative Commercial and R&D developments. Through a harmonious blend of visionary design and meticulous planning, we create spaces that inspire innovation and drive success.

Our commercial properties serve as vibrant hubs, where businesses thrive, partnerships flourish, and new possibilities emerge. In the realm of research and development, we forge cutting-edge facilities that empower scientists and scholars to break barriers, make groundbreaking discoveries, and shape the future.

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